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The Algebra series teaches students the fundamentals of Mathematics in creating, expressing and manipulating mathematical numbers into letters and other general symbols. It consists of functions, equations and inequalities in rational, quadratic and radical forms.

- Discussions and worksheets
- Live, Online, Math classes
- Maximum of 5 students in a class

Note: Time indicated are in UTC +08:00


Class Topics Included For Ages

Algebra I

Prerequisite: None

- Algebraic Expression
- Algebraic Equation
- Polynomials

11 to 14 years old

Algebra II

Prerequisite: Algebraic Expression, Equation, and Polynomials

- Polynomials
- Special Products

12 to 15 years old

Algebra III

Prerequisite: Polynomials and Special Products

- Equations
- Inequalities

12 to 15 years old

Algebra IV

Prerequisite: Equations and Inequalities

- Functions
- Relations
- Linear Equations in Two Variables

12 to 15 years old

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