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Why Choose The Coding School?

Teaches Computational Thinking

Coding helps develop computational thinking skills by teaching students how to approach complex problems systematically, break them down into smaller parts, and use logical reasoning to create solutions

Exercises Problem Solving Skills

Coding provides a new perspective to problem-solving

Enhances Creativity

Discover new ways to express your imagination

Opens Career Opportunities

Coding can take your career to new heights

Improves Academic Performance

Coding can help students develop a range of skills that can improve their academic performance in multiple subjects

Online Class Setup
Live classes are held online via Zoom with a dedicated coach
Modular Learning
Courses are designed to maintain a steady pace in learning topics
Peer Learning
Students are encouraged to share their ideas and work collaboratively
Certificate of Completion
Students receive feedback and recommendations after finishing a course

Countless subjects to explore. Enduring abilities to gain.

Explore our course offerings that would ignite your child's love for learning!

  • Sophia, Age 6

    Sophia made a short story for her mom who she considers as her best friend! She enjoys tennis, dancing, swimming, and coding of course

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  • Jonathan, Age 9

    Jonathan loves space-themed shooter games and cheesy puffs - what more can you ask for with his game CheesyAttack: Milk attack

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  • Alessandro, Age 10

    Alessandro created his own spinoff of the game Fruit Ninja. He loves playing Roblox and Mario Maker and sometimes bakes pizza on his spare time

    See Project 
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Trusted by Students from Hundreds of Schools

We have taught over 3,000 students from all over the world, taking us one step closer to our goal of helping the youth become creators of technology

"My daughter truly enjoyed herself. I was pleasantly surprised by her output and her desire to continue exploring other more advanced topics."
- Parent of Singapore-Based Student
"Thank you to the entire Coding School team for supporting the development of both our kids over the last few weeks. They both enjoyed their classes very much and proudly show their work to my husband and me everyday. "
- Mommy Rinku
"I've been telling about your great school to my friends and some of them are very interestaed in contacting your school!"
-Mommy Jenny

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