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1. These are not meant to be viral tips that blow your mind but rather some basic advice to save your sanity and help your child have their best chance for success learning at home. 2. I’ve arranged it from ‘Basic Remote Learning Tips’ to ‘Advanced Remote Learning Tips.’ The idea of the first set of remote learning tips is to provide bare minimum guidance for parents who are trying to wrap their heads around this shift to online learning...

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The COVID-19 pandemic is an uncharted territory for everybody, including parents. Still, we are lucky to live in a modern age that offers many extraordinary ways of keeping kids connected and learning while keeping them safe. Distance education may have reached a new degree of relevance, but here are three activities to keep your child engaged in remote learning

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Xavu, 10

Fruit Ninja Project. Slice the fruits and make sure not to make them fall!

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Yanna, 9

Flappy Bird: Space Edition. The famous game, flappy bird, set in space! Use space or click the mouse to make the bird go up and down. Don't touch the pipes, because if you do, they'll make you die.

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Asher, 8

Rainbow Line Art Project. Sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen!

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