Python for Kids 1 (Age 10+)
Python for Kids 1 (Age 10+)

Age 10+

Python for Kids aims to build the foundational skills of the students for computational thinking. Beginning with the basics of coding, students will get knowledge on concepts such as using variables, applying operators, making conditional statements and loops. These concepts are the foundations of paths leading to and beginning with Data Sciences. While Python is a language that is easy to use, it is also one of the fastest growing programming languages which will give students an early advantage in the global tech industry.

Python for Teens 1 (Age 13+)
Python for Teens 1 (Age 13+)

Age 13+

Python for Teens teaches students the Python language - one of the fastest growing programming languages in the industry - by using mathematical concepts. Concepts such as mathematical logic, conditional statements, loops, lists, functions, and more will be visited and revisited throughout the course in order to build a solid foundation for the necessary skills in programming. They are also knowledge that would be of great use should the student choose to pursue paths in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Age: 13-19
Duration: 10 hrs
Course: Python for Teens 1
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Path: Data Analytics
Tools: Python
Prerequisite: None (Suggested: Python for Kids)


Sequences and Series
Sequences and Series

The Sequences and Series series teaches students the different fundamental concepts regarding number sequences and series. It consists of the different kinds of sequences and series such as arithmetic and geometric.

- Discussions and worksheets
- Live, Online, Math classes
- Maximum of 5 students in a class

Note: Time indicated are in UTC +08:00

Class Topics Included For Ages

Sequences and Series II

Prerequisite: None

- Arithmetic Sequence and Series
- Geometric Sequence and Series

9 to 12 years old